Emmy Rossum breastfeeding photo spoofing Gisele Bundchen


Recently, while tagging the post with #multitasking, Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian fashion model took a step forward to share a picture of herself breastfeeding in the middle of getting ready for an event.

Emmy Rossum on the other hand thought that it would funny to recreate the situation, and in order to do so she posted a picture of her own for all her fans. She did the same just to spoof the act, and prove that how harmless the photo was.

The image in which Gisele Bundchen is breastfeeding her baby was spread after she posted it on Instagram earlier this week.

Gisele is a Brazilian supermodel, and the wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. While Emmy Rossum, who is an American actress, tried to imitate the situation, and show everyone that it is not a big deal, what Bundchen has done.

Bundchen has also been a person who argues in favor of breastfeeding, so just to make her picture as a statement of support, she made a decision to share the picture.

Though the picture was not graphic at all, but still managed well to create quite a stir online, and she was criticized by a number of people for doing it.

This act of breastfeeding and posting the image on Instagram by the Brazilian supermodel, was celebrated by other proponents of breastfeeding and her supporters.

Bundchen, the 33-year-old model can be seen breastfeeding her 12-month-old daughter Vivian, while getting her hair, makeup and nails done.