Eminem was stabbed to death rumor, truth or hoax? (Warning: contains NSFW image)

A video, showing Eminem being stabbed, has gone viral on the internet. Fans of Eminem got a scare since they have heard this news.

It, however, has turned out to be just another Facebook-hoax. The creator of the video says that the user has to share the video first before he can view it.

The fake post shows the picture of a man’s back with slash mark and a message that the stabbing was caught on a surveillance video. The link, however, is a fake and could possibly harm your computer as it redirects the users to some scam websites.

The rumor went viral on Sunday when some Twitter users wondered whether Eminem was actually stabbed or if they might have just shared some virus.


It is not the first time that such a video has gone viral on the internet. Earlier also in May, a photo of a man’s back all cut up and filled with blood, went viral on the internet. It was alleged that the photograph was of a Grammy winning rapper.

The rumor, however, is a total fake. Eminem was not even in the US that time he was touring in Europe. Eminem representative has also denied the news of Eminem getting stabbed.

Eminem came into news when 22 of his fans were arrested for public order offences during his gig in Slane, Ireland. 35 more people were arrested for minor drug offences.

Eminem is not affected by the rumor and is all set to drop his new album Sometime after Memorial Day.