Elysium – Matt Damon and box office result


Thanks to Elysium, Matt Damon scored his best box office debut since leaving the Bourne. Elysium earned $30.5 million this weekend.

The movie, directed by Neill Blomkamp, opened in line with expectations but still couldn’t match his previous film “District 9”. District 9 had an opening of $37.4 million in 2009.

Elysium, however, managed to get the top position with the other new releases which are: “We’re the Millers”, “Cars” and “Percy Jackson”.

Elysium is all about future wealth discrepancy, health care and immigration. Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony, said that they are proud to release such an ambitious movie and that the movie would be very profitable for Sony.

Internationally, the film is launched in a handful of markets including Russia, and earned $10.9 million. But with Damon and Foster starring in the movie, Elysium is expected to do a good overseas business.

Elysium is an effect filled action movie and portrays two different worlds in the year 2154-a diseased and overpopulated Earth and Elysium. It is about a man who is desperate to get to a space station above Earth. The $115 million production is produced and financed by Media Rights Capital and was distributed by Sony.

Though the movie has earned positive reviews from the critics, but a market research by Cinema Score reported that audiences this weekend has assigned the film an average grade of B. The picture has mostly attracted the male section of the society. According to a report more than 61% of the crowd was male.