Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival Orange County Orlando begins


The Electric Daisy Carnival, which is a huge music festival but with a very dangerous past, started on Friday in Orange County, Orlando’s Tinker Field this weekend. The travelling music concert has been related to drug-related deaths in the past.

So far Orlando has not experienced any mishaps, but the festival goers said that it was easy to score drugs inside the gates. Most of the people said that they came for music. Samantha McCollum a festival goer said that she went there because of the music and the atmosphere, not drugs.

Another festival goer, Angie Arciniegs also said similar things, “It’s all about the DJs, the music, the festival, the people.”

The EDC, travels from London to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles bringing dozens of the most popular DJs in electronic music.

The festival is a lot more than just bass-filled beats. People introduce themselves as ‘Molly’, the drug Ecstasy, which is really easy to find at the festival, and are also wearing things, which have the words “I am Molly” printed.

In 2010, a 15-year-old died from drug overdose at Los Angeles. In 2011, the Dallas Police reported two drug-related deaths linked to the festival. Last year a couple of more deaths were linked to the festival in Las Vegas.

Although the women said that they did not go the festival for drugs, they also added that neither did they worry about it. Megan Donawa, another festival goer said that there is tight security at the festival so there is no danger or anything.

The Orlando police have refused to comment on any sort of precautions being taken but they were concerned about drugs at the music festival, specifically Molly.