Diablo 3 release date, teaser, and features


The official Diablo 3 site has featured a new teaser page. The page points towards an expansion called ‘Reaper of Souls’.

The teaser shows a shadowy entrance and a quote from the Book of Tyrael which says ‘death at last shall spread its wings over all’. According to the teaser it is speculated that the expansion will be called the ‘Reaper of the souls’.

An interesting twist has taken place in the story that Blizzard is weaving. The publisher has recently trademarked ‘The Dark Below’ which many users believed to be the name of first Diablo 3 expansion.

However, after the teaser is releases the trademark is thought to be referring to the next World of War craft expansion.

Blizzard is believed to reveal more about Diablo 3 in Games-com 2013 with Blizzard’s president, Mike Morhaime and co-founder. A press briefing will be held on the first day of the event on August 21, where they will be making a special announcement so as to capture the attention of Heavens, Burning Hell and all the shadowed places that lie in between.

Diablo 3 broke several presale records even before its release and became the most pre ordered PC game to date on Amazon.

Diablo 3 expansion has been planned for some times, but the recently released teaser has added more to suspicion rather than clarifying anything. The game is set to be released on October 1 and promises ‘never been known secrets’ about the Diablo Universe.

Diablo 3 is already launched on PC and Mac. The console version is set to be released on September 3. The PlayStation version will be released next year.