Despite Blurred Lines lyrics and video controversy, Robin Thicke is enjoying the success of the song

kethic rob

Blurred Lines sung by Robin Thicke has become the second song to simultaneously top Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40, Rhythmic and Adult Top 40 charts.

Such a massive breakthrough was seen in 1999, when Ricky Martin’s “Livin ‘La Vida Loca” possessed the airwaves. The rise of the song on the Adult Top 20 chart marks the first time that Thicke and song collaborators, Pharell and T.I. have topped that listing.

Thicke has announced that he will be performing his infectious jam on August 25 at the MTV Video Music Awards and the song will compete for the new category, Best song of the summer.

The song will be competing with “We can’t stop” by Miley Cyrus, “Best song ever”, Come and get it” by Selena Gomez and Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “I need your love”.

Despite of all the attention and publicity, the song has faced much criticism over its lyrics and the nudity filled video. As an answer to this criticism Thicke said that he loves controversies and that people have to remember that this is entertainment.

As on August 14, about 65,000 units of the song’s album were sold to all the lead Hip-Hop artists. Talking about the video, Thicke said that he just wanted to create a silly and a funny video, but he has nothing to do with the video as he was just a bystander.

The video, featuring nude models was banned from the You Tube, already had about 125 million views. Despite all the mixed views, Thicke is enjoying the success of his song.