Derek Medina confesses his wife’s – Jennifer Alfonso – murder on Facebook


CBC Miami reports that Derek Medina, a 31-year old South Miami man, allegedly posted a picture of his dead wife on a Facebook page this Thursday.

He wrote that he will be going to prison or may be death sentence for killing his wife and that his friends will now see him in news and not on Facebook.

Then, to make sure that people take his confession seriously, he allegedly posted the picture of his dead wife.

According to the Police, Medina went to the police authorities on Thursday to confess that he and his wife were having some domestic dispute due to which he shot her. He was charged with first degree murder.

According to the affidavit issued by Miami-Dade police station, Medina said that he and Jennifer, his wife, had a heated argument in their upstairs bedroom when he armed himself with a gun pointing at her.

He further added that after the argument his wife went downstairs and later returned to say that she was leaving him. He followed her downstairs where she started punching him. He again went upstairs to get the gun and when his wife didn’t stop punching him he shot her several times.

The confession was posted on Facebook on 11:11 am. The post was removed by Facebook Authorities and the profile of the user was disabled. Medina used to publish eBooks on healthy marriages. Such a terrifying act from a person who used to give tips for saving marriages has left Medina’s friends and neighbors in a state of shock.