Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s son, returns home from Houston Cancer Centre


Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General had been undergoing a medical procedure at the Houston Cancer Centre and returned home this Thursday with his father, Vice President Joe Biden and other family members.

Shortly before 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, a small motorcade of SUVs with tinted windows arrived at Joe Biden’s house after Air Force two arrived at the New Castle County airport following a flight from Texas.

Beau Biden thanked the people of Houston via a Twitter post which included a family photograph too. Beau Biden, 44-years-old, was admitted to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center earlier this week after he had started feeling weak and disoriented during his vacation in Indiana last week.

He was hospitalized two weeks after emergency dispatcher had been called from the vice-president’s Delaware home, where the younger Biden had been staying. A possible stroke had been reported. Beau Biden had suffered a minor stroke even in 2010.

The White House released a statement on Wednesday stating that the junior Biden was returning to Delaware after undergoing a successful procedure.

No further details about the procedure or the condition were provided. The statement also stated that he will be following with the local physicians now.

Initially he had been admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago last week. He travelled to Philadelphia hospital next morning where he had been treated for his stroke in 2010. He spent his last weekend at home in Washington before travelling to Houston.

The dispatch log on the fire department’s website reported two calls and both of them cited ‘CVA-Not Alert’ (Cerebrovascular accident, or stroke) which means that the person is in distress and apparently not alert or responsive to his or her surroundings.