Dead Rising 3 trailer and Xbox One release date


With less than two weeks left, until every Dead Rising fan will be busy chopping up zombies left and right in Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One. Till that time, the video given below of the story trailer will just have to hold us over.

If we look at the story trailer for Dead Rising 3, it demonstrates the city of Los Perdidos as the hell on Earth. In the game, the young mechanic Nick Ramos gets bitten by Zombies when he is trying to make it to the safety of a shelter, on the other hand the zombies are crowding the streets. Ramos is warned that he has only a few hours left before he himself turns into a walking dead.

In the meantime, the humans who survived took an advantage of all the conditions for their own purpose as the zombies weren’t bad enough. For the first two Dead Rising games, the key elements for both were the battles with the crazed survivors.

Xbox One fans can now experience Dead Rising 3 in an all new ‘Path to the After Party’ interactive trailer which is available on YouTube. In the video, it doesn’t appear that there’s actually any way to lead Ramos to his death.

The game finally failed to lead to a game-over after we spend half an hour clicking through the videos. In the videos, you will be able to find many ways that Ramos and the player can use to chop zombies in Dead Rising 3. Starting from throwing axes to a fire breathing bull costume and a motorcycle, which is equipped with machine guns.

With the users visiting Sunset Hills, South Almuda and Central City, the journey starts in Ingleton. A zombie kill count is displayed on the screen, which tells that how many walking dead are now properly dead.

The Dead Rising 3, will be launched alongside Xbox One on November 22.