DayZ Standalone Alpha contains some bugs and glitches


The DayZ standalone recently got launched on Steam but its alpha version still contains some expected bugs and glitches. 19,000 players downloaded the game during the first hour of its launch. After 24 hours of its launch, around 172,500 people paid $29.99 to play the zombie horror survival game.

The game creator Dean Hall also warned the players that alpha version of the game is incomplete as it contains lots of bugs and glitches.

The objective of the game is to survive during a zombie apocalypse in a 225 sq. km. setting. Players must search for health items such as food, medicines and supplies.

DayZ was originally developed by Hall as a mod for Bohemia’s ARMA 2. Bohemia was so impressed with his work that it hired him to develop the standalone version.

The game’s page on Steam is extremely upfront about bugs and glitches. There’s also a warning for players saying that the game is not complete and players should not purchase it until they want to support the development of the game and are prepared to handle serious issues.

The game’s popularity has boosted it into some mainstream gaming circles-everyone is talking about DayZ and a lot of newbies want to praised in on the action.

DayZ has been widely praised in gaming media for its innovative design elements, with Kotaku and Eurogamer describing it as possibly best zombie game ever made.

Bohemia Interactive’s CEO Maruk Spanel announced on his website that the standalone version of DayZ has managed to generate sales in the $5.1 million range in first 24 hours since its launch.