David Cassidy arrested for drunk driving


David Cassidy, 63, a former teen idol, was arrested for drunken driving case on Wednesday in Schodack, New York.

The star had worked in the “The partridge family” series. The star was pulled over at a check point shortly after midnight, on Wednesday when he failed to turn off his car’s high-beam headlights against oncoming traffic.

Cassidy had a blood alcohol level of 0.10 which was higher that the state’s legal limit of 0.8. He was arrested on the spot. He was later called to a local court and was sent to a country jail.

The star was released after he paid $25,000 for bail. He is ordered to reappear in the court on September 4, said the police report. However, no comments have been made by Cassidy or his representative regarding the arrest.

Cassidy currently lives in Fort Lauderdale. This was not the first time when he has been charged with driving under the influence.

He was sentenced for a year’s probation and his driving license was cancelled for six months in 2011. He was also sentenced to attend a school for drunk drivers. He had an alcohol level of 0.14 that time.

According to a source, the declaration led him into felony charge in New York. He will have to go to jail for four years in case he is found guilty. Cassidy launched his own pop music carrier.

Two hits of the David Cassidy are “Cherish” and “I Think I Love You”. In 1970, his baby looks and haircut made him heartthrob of the teenagers.