Dark Souls 2 to come to PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 with PS4 and Xbox One also a possibility

Namco Bandai, which is an arcade, mobile and home video game developer and publisher based in Japan, recently released a bunch of new screenshots for Dark Souls 2, few out of them focusing on the game’s Covenants.

The screenshots with the blood red phantoms indicate that this covenant is called the Brotherhood of Blood, the screenshot showing a red phantom is called “Dark Spirit Invasion, the shot with a glowing yellow phantom indicates that particular faction is the Heirs to the Sun, rather it sounds rather like Dark Souls ‘Warrior of Sunlight covenant, another of those screenshots is called Knight of the Sun. The final screenshot released by the company, showing a pitch-black phantom is titled as “Bell Keeper.”

The shot released by the company highlight the Covenants, which are a large part of the online multiplayer, and while exploring online, each player can choose to “help, rescue, invade, protect, and take on several positions within the world.”

Dark Souls 2 also has range of exclusive goodies available throughout selected UK and Ireland retailers, which are only available on the pre-orders of the standard and collector’s edition as well as the Black Armour edition.

Some of the other screenshots showcase some other interesting-looking environments, some massive enemies, and an unfeasibly pretty sky.

The console version of Dark Souls 2 is expected to be available on 14 March, which shortly will be followed by the PC version. The game is expected to be released on March 14 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with PS4 and Xbox One possibly following afterwards.