CTA bus tracker


Chicago Transit Authority also known as CTA is a municipal corporation that functions mass transit within the city of Chicago, Illinois and some of its nearby suburbs, has provided a service via web or mobile devices known as CTA bus tracker that reports bus location data and other associated information back to servers.

Users can then get exact bus location and estimated time of arrival. Each bus has a device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to find out the area where it is at a particular point of time and also makes announcement as the buses approach the stop and in the similar way reports the information back to the server.

In this way it also helps users to make service and schedules better and it also made things easier for the bus riders as they can easily make decisions about when to head out to a bus stop.

But as of now, there are no options in the bus tracker service that can keep track of the accurate arrival time of bus if it goes off its regular route and when it returns to normal service, that also it will not be able to predict automatically. For that users are advised to keep checking for service alerts.

Arrival estimates on the bus tracker will switch to Delayed, if a bus is stopped for several minutes due to an unusual event and will appear again after the bus begins to move again.

If a bus is in service but it has stopped transmitting data to servers then it will not appear on this website.