Crop circles spotted in Salinas, California


Just a day prior to New Year’s Eve, residents of Salinas, California woke to a very interesting morning. That Monday warning as soon as they woke up they found a large crop circle.

It might sound like something fictional but it was reported by ‘The Weather Channel’ in a post that the crop circle was real and spanned almost an acre on the field.

It was a barley field in which the crop circle was found. For the time being no one seems to know about the origin of this crop circle or how did it get there.

There have been a wide range or speculations which go from an elaborate prank to a stranger phenomenon which relates to alien activity.

We could have to wait for a very long time to have some answers or maybe we can never get the answers as CNN reported that Scott Anthony, who owns the field, had it mowed down. Enthusiasts and spectators were furious with this act.

However, this appearance of a crop circle is not the only such incident that took place in the United States.

Even last year, back in September, there had been a sighting in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and in Gray, Tennessee, also there was a similar spotting of a strange crop circle.

Those are just two incidents that happened in 2013. Crop Circle is a well-known phenomenon and is not new to the people. Some of the earlier sightings of crop circle date back to the 1680s.

So whatever happened in Salinas, California, remains unexplained at the moment.