Consumer Reports not Recommending iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has not satisfied Consumer Reports and will not recommend it at the moment. This is basically because the new gadget has reception problems caused by it’s antenna design.

Buyers has been complaining about this issue since they bought the new iPhone last June. They’ve been complaining that holding the phone a certain way could cause reception to fade and calls to drop. Consumer Reports did a test and found out that among iPhone models with AT&T, only iPhone 4 has this reception issue so they will not buy out the answer of Apple that any phone will lose signal strength when gripped in a certain way. They are saying that iPhone 4 showed larger drop basically because it has been using a faulty formula to decide how many signal bars to show.

Mike Gikas of Consumer Reports has posted this statement in his blog: Our findings call into question the recent claim by Apple that the iPhone 4’s signal -strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software.

Consumer Reports will only comment iPhone 4 for its sharp display and best video camera nut will not mark it to be recommended until Apple could fix the problem.