Conference Call Second Quarter of WWE


WWE’s second quarter conference call for investors took place this morning. Vince McMahon told the media that the WWE took a little less than the projected investment but the Wrestlemania 29 was the biggest grossing event in the history of WWE. He also said that the addition of Total Divas to their TV package would enhance the number of the female audience.

He further added that the RAW and Smack Down ratings were almost similar as the previous quarter but the TV viewers had increased overall.

The licensing and sponsorship deals have been pushed heavily and a new toy deal, i.e., John Cena’s new ‘Never Give Up’ apparel line that is exclusive to K-Mart has contributed majorly to that. The current WWE tour to South Africa, Australia and China has been a huge success. McMahon also pushed the several ongoing partnership and UK as well as in India.

The WWE Performance tool which has opened lately is being pushed as a recruitment tool. The platform can be used to train a large number of wrestlers as it takes a lot of time to develop talent. He also praised the WWE app which has crossed the 7 million download mark.

As a whole, McMahon pushed the investors to consider all of these points when assessing the little disappointing quarter and then handed the call to Chief Financial Officer George Barros who in the end discussed the numbers. He kept referring to the WWE network as a ‘potential network’ with capabilities to do much more.

When asked about making movie, McMahon referred to the success of ‘The Call’ which made $58.9 million worldwide and he referred to it as the right model for the coming future.