Chromebook 11: HP and Google halt Chromebook sales due to over-heating issue during use

Software and Hardware giants Google and Hewlett-Packard have recently been on the receiving end of customer disgruntlement.

It was reported that the recently released Chromebook had charger overheating issues which caused growing indignation amongst their customer base as a result of which both the firms were forced to halt their respective sales and have them inspected.

Recent reports have claimed that HP has called back the Chromebook 11 from Best Buy store, and stopped the sales on Amazon, HP and Google’s online stores. Google has states that as of now it is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on how to fix the overheating issue with the Chromebook’s charger.

HP has gone on to confirm the alleged reports. The company also sent an internal note to the managers at the Best Buy and has asked the sales support team and all the partners to pull off the product from the stores and send back to a warehouse.

An HP spokesperson also said that after receiving a huge number of users reporting the over-heating of the charger during its use, HP and Google are halting the sales of their Chromebook 11. It has been reported that a number of devices have been damaged also.

The firm is working with Commission of the Consumer Product Safety to see if they can work out on a preventive measure for the over-heating problem. The users are waiting until the company has to suggest some instructions or additional information regarding the issue.

The spokesperson has gone on to add that customers who have purchased an HP Chromebook 11 should not use the original charger provided with the product.
However Hewlett Packard Co. and Google Inc. have different views in regard to the product. They have said that the Chromebook 11 is a better alternative to the laptops providing the similar features. With a display screen of 11.6 inches, the all new Chromebook 11 costs for $279 from the online HP and Google stores.