Chris Brown hit and run charges dismissed


The 24 years old singer, Chris Brown, was charged with a hit-and- run case which is dismissed by a judge on Thursday.

The court spokesperson said that Chris Brown and other motorist have resolved to drop the case, but Chris Brown might face some jail time. The judge said that a civil compromise has been reached despite the objections by Deputy City Attorney.

The singer allegedly ran into the rear of another car on May 21 in Los Angeles and fled from the scene.

Brown said that he gave wrong insurance information to the woman whose car he crashed. The attorney said that no money has been exchanged between the parties and the probable reason for the compromise is that Olga Kovalenko, the other driver, was being castigated on the social media.

The Los Angeles attorney had filed charges against Chris Brown which led to a judge revoking Brown’s probation due to the traffic accident which could lead to jail. He was on probation for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown checked himself into Van Nuys Valley jail last week on August 6 in order to take steps regarding August 15’s hearing. He was held for 49 minutes in the jail. Since he was not arrested at the time of the original accident, he was required to present himself for booking.

Due to this hit-and-run charges Brown has been undergoing some emotional disturbance. He collapsed at Record Plant recording studio due to non-epileptic seizure. According to his doctor the collapse was caused due to extreme emotional stress and fatigue.