Channing Tatum released video parody of Van Damme Volvo commercial


Channing Tatum is more than just a pretty face, a rock hard body that simply won’t quit and an actor that is rather hilarious as well. Last week, Volvo Trucks released a new commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme doing “the most epic of splits” and the video quickly went viral.

In a video, Tatum tries to lampoon Jean-Claude Van Damme in that star’s recently-released, a Volvo ad that features Van Damme doing a split between two trucks.

However in Tatum’s video, he is standing on a pair of food carts on the set of 22 Jump Street. And he doesn’t exactly succeed in the same impressive fashion as Van Damme. However on the set, they didn’t have two trucks lying around so they had to settle for a couple of food carts instead.

As the truck roll down the road with legs on each side, JCVD’s voice over tells us that I have had my share of ups and downs and heavy winds. He also said that this is what has made him what he is today.

“I’ve had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That’s what made me what I am today,” JCVD’s voice over tells us as the trucks roll down the road with his legs with a leg on each side of them.
Van Damme might have the world in fear with his insane full split with two Volvo trucks. For the upcoming film sequel of 21 Jump Street, the Channing Tatum is having a lot of fun on the sets.

According to the reports, the spoof features Channing as an undercover cop also known as Greg Jenko who has one foot on each of the two food carts. While being pushed by crew members in an imitation of Van Damme he has his head bowed and arms folded.