Cara Delevingne would probably be dropped by H&M


Looks like super model Cara Delevinge’s dirty bag of secrets, which could also be rumored, has been spilled. According to a report by Grazia Daily, the 20-year-old beauty will probably be going to be dropped by H&M if it Delevingne is found guilty of substance abuse.

The sandy-haired beauty had been photographed dropping a mysterious white powder just outside her London home after returning from a trip to the London Burberry office. But her quick attempt to try and cover it up made it obvious that she had something to hide.

Delevingne has still not commented on the issue but H&M has been clear that if she is found guilty of breaching the company’s hard line policy regarding drugs, she will be definitely dropped from the fashion line.

H&M has always been known for zero tolerance in its policy regarding drugs. Even the seemingly untouchable model Kate Moss felt the wrath of the brand when she was involved in her cocaine scandal.

A spokesman from H&M said that their team is investigating the matter and if there were any truth in the story, then relevant action would be taken.

He also added that unlike Moss, Delevingne is not a model on H&M’s roster and it was a sheer misunderstanding that she was the face of H&M. She was just used for the show. Despite the fact that she was not the face of the brand, she had appeared in several campaigns for the clothing like and even walked in H&M’s first runway show.