Canon EOS 70D specs review and price


Despite being an excellent camera, the Canon EOS 7D has not been able to deliver the best-in-class quality of pictures, which was the most important thing expected from it. The Canon EOS 70D’s new sensor delivers brilliant autofocus performance and the camera itself is quite fast.

The design of the camera is also reasonably streamlined and the feature set is appropriately tailored to the target market as well.

The bad side of the camera is that the camera’s image quality is not up to the mark for this price class, whereas there are several other design problems such as single card slot, hard-to-control multi controller and the Wi-Fi/movie mode conflict resolution are bothersome.

The new Canon EOS 70D also comes with a completely renovated feature that is Live View/video-optimized autofocus system which no more requires any other special lenses.

The new camera has more streamlined body design with an articulated touch screen and Wi-Fi support. With the exception of focusing speed in dim light, the 70D delivers excellent performance.

The new Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DPA) autofocus system is a positive update from the company over many previous Canon models, each when seen from a performance and features perspective. This time the brand has also opted to use capacitive technology for the Canon 70D’s touchscreen, which ensures that it’s very responsive touchscreen in its category.

The Canon EOS 70D is available at a full price of £1,089 / US$1,199 / AU$1,499body only, which puts it well above the Canon 700D but at the same price point as the Nikon D7100.