Canon 70D price and review


Canon 70D was not just replacement to 60D, but it was also a direct response to Nikon’s D7100. The Canon 70D has been the hottest announcement of the late summer.

One huge difference that a Canon 70 D features is a DSLR’s image sensor, a 20.2 megapixel APS-C type CMOS chip that is designed to accommodate on-chip phase detection.

The on-chip face detection of Canon 70D is so accurate that tuning with contrast detection in not necessary. The new Dual Pixel CMOS AF system found in 70D is a revolutionary development.

Taking about image quality, the resolution of 70D is slightly higher than that of 60D. Canon promises JPEG shooters that they will see a huge improvement in image quality. To back up the claim the ISO sensitivity range has been increased to encompass everything from ISO 100 to 12,800. The range can also be expanded up to 25,600.

In addition to the specifications mentioned above, Canon 70D has a fully articulated touch screen monitor, built-in Wi-Fi and an innovative auto focusing system. Canon has also gifted 70D with a new body which is slightly smaller than 60D

The Canon EOS 70D will be available in the market from September 2013 with a price of $1199 for body alone and $1349 USD in a kit.

In addition to the camera Canon will also ship a new battery grip priced at $270. Canon can make some slight changes in the new features before the camera’s launch date in September.