Can Ray-Ban Design Cool Google Glasses?

ray ban glassesThe maker of famous Ray-Ban glasses has struck a deal with Google to design and distribute their upcoming glass eye wear. The internet giant is working on developing a small pair of spectacle frames that can access mail, record video and browse the web, all of that by simply connecting, with no wires off needed off course, to the user’s cell phone. This means that this revolutionary technology will be brought to a wider market pretty soon.

This strategic partnership between two leading players in two different markets and business arenas will become an ideal platform when it comes to developing a new way forward regarding the ever changing needs of consumers of both brands, on a world wide scale.

The CEO of Ray-Ban Andre Guerra said that these revolutionary glasses will most probably hit the market sometime in late 2015.
According to many different experts these so called “wearable computers” will become the next big market when it comes to consumer devices and will, in a way, mirror the way, today commonly used. smartphones evolved from personal computers. On the other hand, some experts express concern over data security, privacy intrusion and general safety of wearing Ray-Ban Google glasses.

What will become of this, remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure. The collaboration between these two corporate giants will definitely mark a new era when it comes to technological improvement and evolution of what will soon be known as wearable computers. Some would say that man kind has come an incredibly long way from personal computers to tiny, but spectacular computers built into glasses.

What does the future hold? Let’s wait and see. Until then, we can only hope that these gadgets won’t burn a hole in our budgets when they finally hit the market. Will they be revolutionary tho? Definitely yes.