Call of Duty: Ghosts update to fix bug and to add new game mode called HeavyDuty

Developers have released a new update for Call of Duty: Ghosts which adds bug fixes along with a new game mode. The new update is available across all platforms adds a new mode to the multimedia entitled HeavyDuty. The mode spawns all soldiers with additional health, so players and also their enemies will now live longer.

The total durability added to players is 25 health on top of their original health. The players will now have 125 health which means most weapons will now take atleast one extra shot to kill.

In addition to the game mode, the update adds additional weapon load out options for Infected mode. So, now a player will be able to grab more than a knife off the living.

Since players health has been bumped by 25% all sniper rifles will only be able to kill in one shot if they hit the head.

Shotguns are largely unaffected as their damages are usually multiple order of magnitude greater than that of players health.

New twerks included for Xbox One and Xbox 360 include a reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus Perk when using a Sniper Rifle and reduced ADS speed for Sniper Rifle Settings.

The Call of Duty games are published and owned by Activision. While the studio Infinity Ward primarily still develops them, Treyarch has also developed several titles with the release of studio games interlaced with each other.

Full patch notes are available on the Call of Duty forums. The update is available across PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but not Wii U.