Briting Airways fights cabin crew strike

British Airways says contingency plans for the first day of a three-day cabin crew strike have gone great. More than 65% of passengers would reach their destinations, with more staff than expected working and some cancelled flights reinstated.


The British Airways said that they are confident that it could handle 49,000 passengers on each of Saturday and Sunday, compared with about 75,000 on a normal weekend day in March.

Only a third of BA’s normal flights took off, with 125 out of its 250 planes grounded, said the Unite union.

About 200 union members have attended a rally at Bedfont Football Club, near Heathrow, where Unite assistant general secretary Len McCluskey said the “intransigent management” at BA could be “defeated”.

BA suffered a loss before tax of 342 million euros for the 9 months to the end of December last year. Another four-day strike is planned for 27 March in the pay and conditions row. We’ll be updating you more about the updates on the British Airways crew strike.