Breaking Bad final episodes return to AMC this Sunday


For all those who missed Breaking Bad very badly, here comes the good news, Breaking Bad returns to AMC this Sunday night. But, if you haven’t revisited the world of Walter White and Jesse, this premier could turn a bit confusing for you.

Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad creator, likes to call the show “hyper serialized” television. He says once he had the ability to write a serialized story, so he and his writers got immersed in it. And in order to reward the audience, that pays closer attention to the show, they keep in mind the tiniest little detail regarding the show. Gilligan’s ‘Breaking bad’ is can be watched and re-watched endlessly. Every second is the part of the story.

The series has always been dark, with many deaths all around. Walter White, drama’s main character, however, has always managed to survive. But hopefully this is about to change. Fans of breaking bad are assuming that Walter is going to die in the series finale. But the question is whether he will be killed or will he himself take his own life.

A total of eight episodes will be aired. Title of these eight episodes has also been out. They are “Blood Money”, “Buried”, “confessions”, “Rabid Dog”, “ To hajiilee”, “Ozymandias”, “Granite Sate” and ”Felina”.

AMC divided the final fifth season into two parts last year. The social media is abuzz due to the premier. The fans are expecting an explosive and a memorable ending. The show is one of the most well written shows on TV to date.