Breaking Bad episode dedicated to Kevin Cordasco


Kevin Cordasco, the Calabasas resident who lost his battle with neuroblastoma at the age of 16 in March. The fans of the season 5 premiere episode of Breaking Bad Sunday night will surely have noted in the closing credits given to Kevin.

According to Kevin’s mother he had an emotional relationship with the cast and crew of the hit AMC series.

Kevin’s mother Melodie Cordasco said that earlier this year a friend of theirs questioned kevin as in what could make him feel better, he replied that he would like to meet the stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ which was his favorite show.

Through a coincident connection at AMC, the friend was able to join Kevin up with the show. Little after this hook up, Bryan Cranston, the series’ star, paid Kevin a visit in the hospital.

Earlier in march this year Kevin had an opportunity to meet with the show’s writers and was even invited to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the show is shot, to be written into an episode. “Unfortunately, he became sick and was unable to travel,” Melodie said.

A week after Kevin’s death, Kevin’s mother received a letter from Gilligan informing her that he would dedicate a show to her son. Kevin was considered a very intelligent and insightful young man by everyone he met.

The producers of the show decided that it was only fitting to dedicate the first episode of the show’s final season. “It was the best of the last chapter,” Bernstein said.

Kevin, who had been diagnosed with the disease at the age of 9, was a renowned activist for cancer fundraising and research .His mantra was “Courage, Strength, and Believe.”