Boyfriend Ryan Anderson fought to save Gia Allemand’s life


While heading down to the pool in a New Orleans apartment complex on Monday Engineer Mike Simpson heard a loud, high-pitched shout from the hall.

He said “He thought I heard someone calling for help, so I sprinted down there,” Simpson tells PEOPLE. “I pushed the door open and saw a guy bear-hugging someone to his chest.”

NBA player Ryan Anderson who had just arrived back at his girlfriend Gia Allemand’s apartment and found her hanging from a metal staircase by the door.

The NBA player said, ‘She hung herself,’ and I looked over and that’s when I saw the rope,” Simpson says.
The player screamed down the hallway, after realizing that they needed more help and a nurse from a nearby apartment took over the ellipsis while Anderson began doing mouth to mouth.

Mike estimates that he’d been on the phone with the 911 operator for eight minutes after which an EMS guy arrived.

The NBA player is clearly extremely strong, as both this humble statement and his focused manner on the 911 call show. No one of us can imagine the pain which Ryan is currently going through. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him, as well as Gia’s friends and family in this very difficult time.

The player asked how long she had been like this, and the boyfriend replied, ‘I was gone for an hour and I came home and she was like this.’ And He didn’t state it calmly. He said something to the effect of, ‘I wasn’t gone for more than an hour,’ “Simpson says. “I just remember thinking, he is just so distraught.”