BMW i3 Price, Specs and Release Date

BMW has recently unveiled official pictures and specs of its new i3 electric car. The BMW i3 will be priced starting from £25,680 in the UK.

This is the price for the pure electric model (and after the £5000 government grant for electric cars, discounting it from £30,680), while a range-extender hybrid version which will be enhanced with a 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine supplementing the power from the electric motors and is expected to be will be priced from £28,830, once the grant has been detached.


The i3 will be launched in November 2013, and foreseeing the luring way with the help of which most buyers will consume electric cars, has announced a three-year contract which asks an initial £2995 before £369 monthly payments and a 24,000 mile limit.

The strategy by BMW to price the i3 below predictions in Germany is seen as a way to perhaps prevent rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz from even trying to compete in the electric vehicle segment.

The i3?s objective is to target audience is urban dwellers in the world’s largest automotive markets. Furthermore, BMW says the i3 will be a second or third vehicle that urban families add to their existing “fleet” of one or two.

Peculiarly, BMW doesn’t necessarily see the i3 as an only vehicle owned by a family. However this strategy may restrain its overall appeal in some regions of the world where owning only 1 vehicle is the norm.

However, the general unanimity in the German media is that the i3 will quickly become the nation’s top-selling electric.