Blurred Lines lyrics and video: Robin Thicke talks about his controversial songs


Robin Thicke made an appearance on the “Today” show this week and gave a sensational performance of his latest hit ‘Blurred Lines’ and also talked about the controversy surrounding it.

Critics who called the song misogynistic and even ‘rapey’ because of the explicit video full of naked female models and also has boundary pushing lyrics assailed Thicke’s new song ‘Blurred Lines’, which also features rappers T.I. and Pharrel. Even other musical artists who include Sara Quin of the band Tegan also criticized the song.

Things were made worse when Thicke jokingly replied to the controversy, saying, “What a pleasure it is to degrade women.”

Thicke trying to explain this on the ‘Today’ show said that it was a really bad joke and sometimes a bad joke goes a long way. He explained that while the song was made, they did not have any intention to disrespect women and the song was misunderstood.

He noted that he has been with the same woman since he was a teenager and he highly respects women. He said that it was an attempted funny song whose lyrics got a little misconstrued in an attempt to put the people on the dance floor and have a good time. The intentions behind the song were always good.

He further added that great art is supposed to stir conversations about the important aspects in a relationship between men and women and that’s what the song did.

He pointed to the part of the song where the lyrics are, “That man is not your maker”, and said that the song in itself has a feminist movement.