Blue meth ala Breaking Bad showing up in Mexico

According to the reports by the Federal Investigators, a new blue tinted drug that has been designed to target the users who are using the drugs for the first time and is inspired by the award winning AMC series Breaking Bad has been brought into the market across New Mexico where the famous TV series was filmed.

The dealers are trying their best to promote and advertise their meth and on the other hand, police fears that they will easily be able to grab hold of those users who watch the show Breaking Bad due to which this blue drug is getting popularized.

When produced, this meth is not of blue color, so dealer cut it down with chemicals in order to make it blue in color but use of chemicals is causing very adverse effect on the users and also making some of them sick. But no one is seeing these effects of these drugs as they are finding it sexy and are interested in trying the drug and are getting addicted to it.

The blue tinted drug is not of high quality that is why dealers are targeting the first time users who are fans of Breaking Bad and are interested in trying it, as they won’t be able to know the difference in the quality of the drug.

This is not the first time that some drug inspired from the Breaking Bad has been introduced into the market.

In 2010 also, the Kansas City Police warned about the blue tinted meth that was seen around the city and later in October, Canadian authorities found it and it was work $2.3 million.