Blue full moon on Tuesday night


The blue moon which was seen on Tuesday, August 20, was not just a blue moon; it was also a Full Sturgeon moon, the Full Red moon, the Green Corn moon and the Grain moon.

It was the third full moon of the season. There are two definitions for a blue moon historically. Usually, a blue moon is the third full moon in a four full moon season.

However, a different definition was given by “Sky and Telescope” magazine in 1946. The magazine defined the second full moon in a calendar month as a blue moon.

The next blue moon won’t be seen until 2015. The most literal meaning of blue moon is when the moon appears unusually blue to a casual observer. The effect, however, is caused by smoke or dust particles.

Since August has only one full moon it wouldn’t meet the second definition, however, it does qualify as the technical blue moon. There are seven Blue Moons in a Lunar Cycle of nineteen years.

Blue Moons don’t happen too often, which is why it is also called “once in a Blue Moon”. The moon is known as the Green Corn moon and the Grain Moon in the agricultural belt.

The Full Sturgeon moon is also called The Red Moon because the weather and atmospheric conditions during this season often make the moon look reddish when it rises through haze.

The social media and professional photographers took full advantage of the clear sky and snapped and shared photos of the Blue Moon.