Blackberry Z10 drops price as iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 are hot in the market


UK Mobile Retailer Carphone Warehouse has slashed the price of the Blackberry Z10 to just £159.95 for a SIM-free device, free of any carrier obligation.

The price is a serious drop from the £259.95 ($413) which Carphone Warehouse previously charged for the BlackBerry Z10. On-contract prices are eye-popping too – they start at £14 per-month for a free Z10.

The drastic price cut was picked up on by Crackberry, which spotted that Carphone Warehouse is now selling the Blackberry Z10 handset for just £159.95 on pay as you go when bought with the usual £10 top-up. Those upgrading can get an even better deal from the mobile retailer, with the Blackberry Z10 available for £149.95.

Adding another twist is that Carphone Warehouse has put Blackberry Z10 for pre-order, connoting that its latest price cut has caused buyers to rush to pick up the handset.

Then Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins said that the firm’s £935m second quarter loss was largely due to a “Blackberry Z10 inventory charge”. It’s still unclear how many Blackberry Z10 handsets the firm has managed to shift, but it said during its second quarter earnings call that it sold 3.7 million phones during the quarter, most of which were running Blackberry 7.

Though, thanks to Carphone Warehouse’s massive price reduction, Blackberry Z10 handsets would be seen more on the streets or up on eBay. Besides it holds no comparison with the Apple’s marquee iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy S4, like for instance, £159.95 would get you a phone with a 4.2in touchscreen, 2GB of RAM, 4G LTE support and Blackberry’s business focused Blackberry 10 mobile operating system.