Blackberry sues Typo Products for patent infringement on iPhone keyboard


Waterloo-Ontario based onetime tech-giant BlackBerry Inc. has sued Typo Products LLC on Friday for infringing on its patents in the signature product of the startup, which is a cellphone case that can be attached to an iPhone to give it a physical keyboard.

Type Products LLC has reacted by saying that legal action ‘lacks merit’ and the startup will defend itself vigorously against this accusation.

Laurence Hallier an entrepreneur and American TV host and media star Ryan Seacrest are the founding members of Typo.

Their signature product, the Typo Keyboard, is set to go on sale this month. Their invention attaches around the outside of an Apple iPhone like a protective case but provides the user with a physical keyboard as well.

Steve Zipperstein, who is BlackBerry’s chief legal officer, stated on Friday that Typo has infringed patents of BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard and the company will vigorously defend its intellectual property against any company that attempts to copy our unique design.

He also stated that the company is flattered by the desire to graft their keyboard onto other smartphones, but without any fair compensation, this act will not be tolerated as it is a violation of intellectual property rights and technological innovations.

Type responded to these allegations on Monday by saying in a press release that although they respect BlackBerry and its intellectual property, however, BlackBerry’s claims are meritless and Typo will defend the case vigorously.

Typo also said that they are excited about their innovative keyboard design which has been developed after years of research.