Blackberry software update: Blackberry Q10 V2.0

The timing just couldn’t get any better than this, as beleaguered phone maker BlackBerry’s software engineers tried to resuscitate it by releasing the Q10 2.0 software update around the same time that the company’s Board of Directors decided that the best course of action was to go with the launch of the update, and cancel its unusual sale process.

Initially there was a lot of apprehension amongst users the world over after its release. The general consensus was that it hadn’t lived up to the billing and plenty of blips had been found. It wasn’t going to set the world on fire, despite what the old or new management had been telling the media.

There was a lot of discord among the “long BBRY” readers at Seeking Alpha, who were convinced that the update was of no good.

It took the BlackBerry Board of Directors just a few weeks to acknowledge the situation, and by being pragmatic about it by putting the company up for sale they did wonders to it.

For the Q10 users, however, perhaps this is the best outcome. At least for the moment being, as the company will surely be sold before the decade is out.

The handset of choice is now backed by up to $1 billion of new cash via a convertible unsecured debt deal, costs have been cut, Thorsten is out, and the 2.0 software package is finally out.

And the good news is that some of the complaints have been fixed, while other neat upgrades have made their way into the mix, as well. For instance when you respond to emails on the Q10, your Microsoft Outlook email didn’t show that the email in question had been responded to, unlike what happened with the 9900, 9700, etc.