Black Rhino Hunting: Auction for permit to hunt one of the most endangered species black rhino

At a Dallas Auction, which was held on Saturday, a hunter has paid a huge amount of $350,000 in order to hunt a black rhino, one of the most endangered animals on the planet.

The Dallas Safari Club along with the Namibian government sold the ‘license to kill’.

At the same time, African minister was seen in state of great joy after the results were announced, because the funds go to conservation efforts in the country.

No official information has been revealed about the buyer, but according to other hunters Corey Knowlton is the suspected winner.

The hunter who disclosed winner’s identity said in statement that he was willing bid at $340,000 for the black rhino, but Corey Knowlton (suspected winner) went $350,000 and won the bid. Adding on to it, he said that there was another $100,000 donation.

According to latest reports, Mr. Knowlton is an active hunter who regularly organizes shooting trips around the world, and has a habit of posting updates of pictures on his Facebook profile of himself along with clients and the animals that they hunt.

Mr. Knowlton, father of two young girls, is also a part of the Hunting Consortium and according to his company’s biography, he has worked in the hunting tourism industry for more than a decade now.

Till now, he has hunted widely on 6 continents, hunting more than 120 different species, which includes a Super Slam of wild sheep and the big five in Africa.

The DSC has also passed a statement related to the auction, in which the club has stated that the animal that is selected for is an older bull rhino who can no longer breed.

Steve Wagner, club spokesman also stated that the animal was also becoming a threat to other wildlife as he is getting more aggressive in his old age.