Black Ops operation at the Columbia Police Department


It was told by Dan Johnson, the 5th Circuit Solicitor on Wednesday that to avoid any sort of interest conflict, a joint FBI-SLED report into the allegations that concern the Columbia police chief Ruben Santiago has been forwarded to another solicitor for review.

As it is alleged that the allegations involve a wild plot by some policemen itself to frame an assistant Columbia city manager by planting false evidence against him to charge him with a crime that he did not commit, the operations have been codenamed ‘Black Ops’.

It was explained by Johnson that it is quite obvious that he shares a close relationship with many of the people involved in the case and to avoid any impropriety had forwarded the case to another solicitor.

In South Carolina alone there are 15 more solicitors and each of them oversees criminal prosecutions in two or more countries.

It was also told by Johnson that the report contained all the information provided by witnesses but it did not give any recommendation or jump to any conclusion.

Johnson also said that the outside solicitor has the sole right to decide if any laws were broken and what will be the consequences. Johnson denied identifying the solicitor. The FBI and SLED were looking at different areas of the allegations according to Johnson.

The report is about the allegations filed by a former captain of the city police, David Navarro, earlier in the year about Santiago trying to carry out a plot to plant a stolen fun and cocaine in assistant city manager Alison Baker’s car.

Navarro refused of participating in the plot and in retaliation was fired from his post. Since then Navarro has sued the city of wrong allegations and has also accused Santiago of various illegal acts. In return, Santiago has filed a defamation suit against Navarro and has denied all the accusations.