BioShock Infinite DLC

The first DLC of Bioshock Infinite, ‘Clash in the Clouds’, has hit the market. ‘Clash in the clouds’ drops Booker and Elizabeth in Columbia Archaeological Society’s hall.

‘Clash in the Clouds’ has added nothing new to Bioshock Infinite’s strengths. It is all about combat. All the four arenas are based on a location from the game and provide fifteen escalating waves of conflict for Elizabeth and Booker. Between each wave one has access to every weapon in the game.

After the first successful completion of a wave either an infusion or a piece of gear is provided. An option for continuation is given if you die during a wave.


People, however, are waiting for the release of ‘Burial at sea’.’ Burial at sea’ takes the player back in Rapture before everything went to rack. ‘Burial at sea’ is set to be divided in two parts.

In the first episode the player plays as Booker and in the second episode the player plays as Elizabeth. The release date of ‘burial at Sea’ is unknown.

Ken Levine, Irrational Games head, tweeted that it will have new weapons and plasmids but will not use Bioshock’s gameplay system. Playing as two different persons will be a whole new experience.

Bioshock has been quite successful for irrational. More than 3.7 million copies have been shipped. The best thing about Bioshock infinite is the interaction between Booker and Elizabeth. With Elizabeth not being an easy character, it would be interesting to see what will irrational do with the game’s DLC.