Big Brother 15 spoilers


Big Brother 15 will be featuring a nine-person jury this Thursday. It is for the first time in the show’s history when there will be such a big jury and the interesting thing is that, the houseguests don’t even know it yet.

CBS tweeted on August 7 that Big Brother’s jury would begin this week with both the evicted houseguests. The house of Big Brother will witness a double eviction this Thursday.

Gina Marie is the recent Head of Household. Jessie has won the Power of Veto due to which she will force Gina Marie to come up with a new nominee. Gina Marie will nominate Spencer. Police investigated Spencer Clawson, Big Brother’s contestant, this week after a disgusting joke about porn and kids. This week Amanda, Candice and Spencer will face eviction.

In another live feed all the houseguests except Candice celebrated Amanda’s bachelorette party Tuesday night. The next episode of Big Brother will be aired next Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS. It will feature the third nomination, the Veto competition and the Veto ceremony.

The Big Brother Network has confirmed that Aaryn Gries has lost her modeling assignment due to the racist comment she said in the house. Julie Chen, on the other hand, has left her fans wondering by her tweet, which shows a picture of a big red button with reset written on it.

The fans are enjoying the tweet. Some of them even said that this means the entire season will start over with a new cast.

We will have to watch Big Brother’s episode to know what the house has in store for the viewers.