Best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases – Price and Reviews

Even after being released in the beginning of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most popular devices this Christmas. For all those who bought the Galaxy S4 this Christmas, let’s look at some of the best protective cases for the device.

Tech 21 Snap Case with Flip
According to the company, this is the sturdiest protective case in the market. The case is built with Tech 21’s Impactology material, which protects against tumbles or drops, whereas the flip cover protects the screen from scratches. Available at Mobilefun for £24.95.

Quicksilver Hard Case
While this case is not as tough as the case offered by Tech 21, it has a bit more of added style. And the toughened plastic case will definitely protect from bumps and scratches. Available for £19.95.

Samsung S View cover
Out of all the accessories launched by Samsung for the Galaxy S4, the S View cover is probably the best. It allows you to see the screen partially, even when the phone is covered. The case is also available in different colors so there is an option for all. Available at a price of £45.00.

Case Mate Barely There case
The Galaxy S4 is itself a big device and obviously you would not want to add extra bulk to it. This case promises to protect the phone from scratches and as it is made of silicon, it barely adds any weight to the device. Available at a price of £15.00.

Samsung Wireless Charging cover
How about adding wireless charging to your device? Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging cover, which allows you to charge you Galaxy S4 with any supported wireless charging device. Available at a price of £39.95.

Patrona Magnetic wallet case
This case by Patrona is of a different kind and it is most likely going to turn heads. It comes crafted in leather, attaches to the back of the phone and adds barely any bulk to the device. It has an added card holder as well. There is another version of this device crafted with real gold and is available at Amazon at a price of £250.