Best Buy release info about PlayStation launch and pre-order

With the US launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One just two and three weeks away respectively, Best Buy has decided to share some insight on how it will be handling the midnight launches at its retail stores.

The lucky ones, who have already pre-ordered their consoles, do not need to attend a midnight release to get their system, games and accessories.

Pre-orders would be held for eight days following the launch. You can pick your order in these eight days or your order shall stand canceled. If you chose to order from or you make an in-store order, your order stands good for only the store you selected, and not any other Best Buy store in town.

For people who decide to attend the midnight opening, should carry with them any government issued photo ID, also the card or debit card used to make the order and the order number. In case you made an in-store pre-order, then also you need to carry your photo ID and your receipt which you must have received after placing the order.

Arriving early would be the best option as long queues are expected by Best Buy. The processing or orders will commence two hours before midnight and will proceed in the order of the people that arrive. While your pre-order may be processed before mid-night, the console would be handed to you only after 12:01 am.

For people without a pre-order, there will only be a limited number of consoles available. The tickets to get these consoles would be distributed on a first-come first-served basis. This process will also commence at the same time as the processing or pre-orders start.

To check which Best Buy stores will be opening at midnight check out the PlayStation and Xbox pages on Best Buy’s website.