Ben Affleck as the new Batman in the next Superman-Batman movie but fans make petition to reject the idea


Ben Affleck was announced to play Batman in the sequel to the Superman movie “Man of Steel” by the Warner Brothers this Thursday.

The movie will be directed by Zack Snyder and will feature Henry Cavil as superman. According to Warner Brothers Affleck is an outstanding actor just like the one they needed.

The fans, however, have a different view. They have launched an online petition demanding Affleck’s replacement.

The petition has reached 25,000 signatures and in the course of just around 24 hours the petition has doubled in size reaching 50,000.

At this rate the petition could even surpass 100,000 signatures in just a couple more days. NO official comment or any sort of acknowledgement has been received from Warner Brothers regarding the petition.

Various statements have been posted by Batman fans on Twitter showing their disapproval regarding the decision. According to a fan it would offend him to see Ben as Batman after what Christian Gale did. 71 percent of the talks have been negative as said by social media analytics firm Fizziology.

But the market isn’t just flooded by the haters. There are people who are supporting Ben Affleck as Batman. Numerous articles have been published defending the selection of Ben as Batman.

Several celebrities, like Joss Whedon, Val Kilmer, have also voiced their support for Ben Affleck. The film is set to hit the theaters in July 2015 and is said to be a reimaging of the superhero’s decade long, friendly dynamic and positioning then on opposite ends of the political and social spectrum.