Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner tax controvery update – Latest News


H. Ty Warner, the American toy manufacturer, who solely owns the Ty Inc. was in controversies for not paying tax to US tax authorities.

According to the latest news, the billionaire inventor of Beanie Babies toys has managed well to avoid getting punished for not paying tax on the huge amount, which is deposited in his Swiss bank account.

As per the reports released by one of the leading newspaper, Chicago federal court came up with the decision that Warner will be sentenced to two years’ probation and 500 hours of community service. Warner, aged 69, has also felt sorry for what he has done and has also said that he is very much embarrassed for what he has done.

He also stated that he could never realize one of the biggest mistake of his life, which has also cost him the respect of his close ones.

According to the latest news, Warner, whose worth is estimated around $2.6bn was accused for not disclosing an amount of $25m (£15m) in a secret bank account in Switzerland, which was opened in the year 1996, since that year he has also been filing false tax returns.

For this he has even paid a fine of $53m, which makes this amount as one of the largest civil penalties imposed ever.

In one of the statements made by his lawyer, he stated that he has always followed the law and has even donated $140m in cash and toys to several organizations and charities.

Charles Kocoras, the US District Judge has also been asked by the prosecutors that he should at least get a year of imprisonment.

Michelle Petersen, assistant US attorney also said in a statement that it should not be so easy for a rich person to just sign a check and get saved from any further punishments.