Battlefield 4 latest issues: EA DICE explains about BF4 problems and bugs

After many bugs, crashes and glitches which blemished the release week of “Battlefield 4,” Electronic Arts and its Swedish development team at DICE answered the players with a detailed post about their current status in fixing the several problems which were encountered by players.

The initial response from EA DICE after “Battlefield 4’s” release left very less information, as in what bugs were being worked on, like the issues such as a red screen of death (RSOD) crash which occurred for users of AMD graphics cards between matches of “BF4” and the inability to join server queues.

EA DICE, on Monday, trundled an additional “Battlefield 4” server patch, R6, which was released in order to address common server crashes.

Some of the issues which are already fixed by EA DICE, include a weapon magazine bug that caused reload settings to mimic hardcore server settings, Xbox 360 mission bugs and problems with resetting the stats which is a feature of “Battlefield 4 Premium.”

According to the latest reports, EA DICE is still investigating the issues with lost multiplayer progress, single-player save file corruption and promotional Battle pack items not appearing in-game or on Battle log.

The reports also suggest that the EA DICE is also working on a client-side PC patch which should be released soon.

After EA DICE came up with a detailed post about their current status in fixing the several problems, some players of “BF4” appreciated the response by EA DICE, whereas, many player comments held a sentiment questioning why the release of “Battlefield 4” was so bug-ridden in the first place.