Battlefield 4: BF4 server problems, bugs and fixes

Battlefield 4 was launched in the UK on Friday, but servers have so far failed to deal with the inflow of large number of players.

The launch now follows the bug reports and connection issues which some of the users experienced with the US Battlefield 4 release date, a few days ago.

DICE, the makers of BF4, looked forward to an open Beta and an amazed world-wide release date which further would minimize the server connection issues and bugs many gamers experienced with the release of Battlefield 3 last year. Unluckily, with a cross-platform game of this magnitude, there was always likely to be some teething problems.

Particularly in the section of the game that have left some gamers mad on Twitter and forums, a number of bugs and other problems have appeared.

There was an issue with some AMD graphics cards that requires a driver update, looking at which the server queues have been disabled. According to some reports DICE is investigating the issues.

Though an AMD beta driver was made available during the Battlefield 4 beta test, but on the other hand it appears that new issue have appeared since the beta ended.

The issues with the server look as if the issue is primarily on Xbox and PC versions but some PS3 owners are complaining that server lists are empty and there are problems attempting to start quick matches.

There is no solution yet which is available for PS3 owners, who are struggling to download Battlefield 4 from the PSN store. Whereas, there have been some lucky players who were able to play and complete the single player campaign but still noticed a problem with weapons that should become unlocked and are still being unavailable.