Battlefield 4 (BF4): Obliteration Game Mode

DICE has always been concerned about widening the gaming experience available to the players of Battlefield.

Keeping this in mind a myriad of game modes are being offered with the Battlefield 4. It was also announced in Gamescom that one of the newly available gaming mode is the explosive Obliteration.

Obliteration is one the most panicky and high paced modes available in the Battlefield 4. There is a medium-sized battleground where two teams compete to destroy the other and a bomb spawns in a random central location.

The mission is to capture the bomb and plant it in any one of the three military installations and blow it up. After the detonation the bomb will again spawn at a new random location and the game continues in the same way. Winner is the team that manages to destroy all the three military installations of the other team.

Action of the game increases due to the single availability of the bomb with both the teams risking everything they have just to bring the bomb to the enemy base. The game mode is all about being a mobile team player and at the same time being on the offensive side.

Jackfrags’ has also uploaded a gameplay video of the Obliteration mode of play. So just to see what is in store you could check out the video.

Another new game mode available in Battlefield 4 is the Defuse mode and the most important thing you want to know about this mode is you don’t have any respawn.

This means an even tighter gameplay and a quicker infantry-only game mode. We’ll tell you more about this game mode very soon.