Battlefield 4 (BF4) double XP (2XP) event postponed

According to the Battlefield 4 forums, the double XP event that had been planned for the end of the year for Battlefield 4 premium members has been postponed due to some unknown issue.

No other information has been provided in the post and the post does not even mention that when the event will be rescheduled again or the exact cause of why it had to be postponed in the first place.

Battlefield 4 has been plagued with connectivity issues and other bugs since it has been released, and it should have been expected that even the double XP event will go wrong somewhere.

To the list of all the bugs and connectivity issues being faced by Battlefield 4 at the moment, even this failure can be added. It is proving to be a horrendous release for the gamers.

To top all the problems, EA was hit with multiple lawsuits over the game the entire previous month on alleged charges that the investors were misled by EA about the quality of the game before it was released.

We hope that by these series of incidents, EA learns that just releasing games just for the sake of publicity and before they are ready for a public release is a very poor business practice. And this is not the problem faced by Battlefield 4 alone.

Even other releases have suffered from the same problems and it seems that EA and its subsidiary companies are more inclined towards sticking to the deadline and then trying to patch the game afterwards, rather than pushing the release date and then releasing a solid game on Day1 itself.