Barack Obama won’t attack Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad


As President Obama thinks over with his national security team how he will respond to Syria’s suspected use of chemical weapons, his chief spokesman said Tuesday that the actions Obama is thinking profoundly won’t lead to the dismissal of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Looking at Obama’s pending decision on the nature of his response to the Assad regime; The White House continued to maintain this thing publicly. The lawmakers and government officials warned that a limited military strike against Syria is about to happen.

At one fell swoop, the White House sought to make clear that whatever Obama decides, the aim of his actions will be limited.

Obama’s administration has asked answerability in the outcome of last week’s chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, but Jay Carney White house spokesman said that Obama is not considering using American military power to oust Assad.

In the meantime, Carney said that whatever the administration knows about last week’s chemical attack would be released as an intelligence report this week.

The intelligence report could provide Obama with the legal and moral evidence to carry out a strike without seeking approval from United Nations or Congress.

The White House Spokesman also said that “Broadly speaking that the use and spread of chemical weapons on this scale should not go unanswered and I think it’s important to note that it’s in the clear national security interests of the United States “.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in the meanwhile spoke with his counterparts in Great Britain and France the two close allies who have called for intrusion in Syria just to discuss the recent chemical weapons attack, making a rumor that a military strike against the Assad regime is about to happen.