Barack Obama celebrates 52nd birthday


President Barack Obama was giving a speech on improving the US housing market in Phoenix on Tuesday when a woman in between the speech shouted “Happy birthday, Mr. President” from the audience.

He broke off from his speech to reply that he had celebrated his birthday on Sunday, which prodded the crowd to start singing Happy Birthday.

According to the reports “The president celebrated the big five-two by “spending part of the day at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland after playing golf yesterday with friends from his Hawaii and Chicago days”.

Barack Obama, president of the United States, is likely professionally and personally secure enough that light scorn about gray hairs or grating bones or deteriorating manhood is fine.

Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of the couple and captioned the image: “Happy birthday, Barack! Your hair’s a little grayer, but I love you more than ever.” The message was accompanied by a black and white old photo of the Obamas as a young couple relaxing on a sofa.

Obama said that the 55th birthday is tricky because there are no hard and fast rules about good-natured teasing. As he approaches to the 55th birthday depend on the life circumstances and relative narcissism of the particular 55-year-old to be.

Another gentleman, in charge of nothing besides his own Google searches for circumspect men’s hair dye products, might not take so kindly to the same sorts of jokes.

Birthdays! We are all very lucky that the best day of the year comes but once a year Obama said.