Audi designs car for ‘Enders Game’ based on Audi A7


A team of Audi designers dedicated more than a year to imagine the design of the sleekest possible sports car and how will it look in 70 years from now, and all for about a 10 seconds shot on a film.

This team is credited the design of the futuristic car that features in the new sci-fi movie ‘Ender’s Game’ starring Harrison Ford.

Audi may have just a small presence in the film, but it spent most of its Monday night at the flashy premier of the movie at the Grauman’s, now the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Movie stars including Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis walked the red carpet that featured an Audi logo and a small model of the car.

However small the roll of the car is in the film, you will recognize it instantly as an Audi from its design, according to designers Frank Rimili and Bjorn Wehrti.

Around a year went into the design of this car, and about three months of work all told, and this for a car that will never go into production. When Rimili was asked that how did the other designers reacted about all this time being spent on designing a car for a movie, he instantly replied, ‘Envy. They all wanted to take part.’

Besides all the overwhelming response the movie will bring to Audi, there are other payoffs too. Some of the car’s curves and design touches could probably be used in the upcoming Audis.

The car seen in the movie is purely digitalized and the sequences were filmed with an Audi A7 and covered with the digitally created one.